Kingxbar Watercolour Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max yellow-blue

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Iphone Case Kingxbar Watercolour Series The case which provides a mobile phone with effective protection against damage does not need to be boring. If you like accessories which sparkle with numerous colors, this gadget is a perfect product for you. It will give your smartphone a unique look. Besides it can perfectly secure it against damage, such as cracking, breaking or scratching. This item is intended for persons with a soul of an artist, who wish to stand out, and take care of long life of their equipment. Specification: Brand: Kingxbar Series: Watercolor Type: iPhone case Material: TPE Installation spot: Back of the phone Content of the set: 1 x iPhone case Major features: Stylish look Effective protection against damage Protection in case of fall from 3 meters Thicker edges Solid and flexible TPE Easy installation at the back of the phone Phone functionality maintained Case for beautiful gadget lovers This case perfectly combines practical functions with an exceptionally stylish look. Interpenetrating vivid colors like from the artist’s palette make this gadget eye-catching and unique. This is a great accessory for those who want to stand out, even if it is about the look of the mobile phone. Your iPhone is well-protected When using the mobile phone on a daily basis, you are likely to damage it. Fall from the desk or slipping out of the pocket may result in a costly repair. Choosing this case, you can forget about any defects. TPE, that is flexible plastic successfully absorbs shocks and makes the phone intact, even if it falls from 3 meters. Edges of the device and camera lenses are secured, that is areas highly exposed to destruction. Comfort and functionality It is very easy to put the case on and remove, if necessary. You don’t have to do it often because the mobile phone inside the case is equally functional. You can charge it in any way and feel free to click its functional keys.